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Whether you missed last week's sermon or you want to revisit a past sermon, click below to the sermon series you would like to watch.

  • Who do you influence

    You have influence.  Whether it is good or bad your attitude, language, whatever it may be, has influence on those around you.  Who do you influence?  Let's find out together and make some positive changes that can impact those around you for the better.

  • Easter Service

    Whether you missed our Easter service or you would like to watch it again, we've got you covered.  Click the icon to view the video.  Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

  • How is your spiritual foundation?  Visit us each week as Pastor Jeff offers solutions to strengthen your spiritual foundation as he goes through the Book of Colossians.


    In case you missed Pastor Matt's sermon or you just want to watch it again, click on the graphic to go our YouTube page.

  • Fixing Our Eyes on jesus

    You can watch New Year's Day sermon given by Jen Williams, Children's Ministry Director.

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  • Unwrapping Your Gifts sermon series showed us that God has given you many gifts, find out what types of gifts are out there and how they can help you on your Spiritual Growth Plan.

  • Myth busters

    Pastor Jeff tackles contemporary myths and cultural idioms, putting them to the "fact or fiction" test.

  • Following Jesus

    Following Jesus sermon series asks the questions - Where are you going this year?  and Who are you following?  Take time and begin your journey in following the only one worth following - Jesus.

  • archived sermon videos

    Every sermon is worth watching more than once.  You can revisit any sermon videos from the past.