Next Generation

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Our Mission

"Meeting children where they are, partnering with their parents to love them to where Christ wants them to be."

what we do

We are absolutely committed to creating a radical culture that disciples the next generation to become lifelong passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We see Yosemite Church as the place in Merced children and youth want to be. We see hundreds of children and students gathering on campus and in homes to be discipled into passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We see hundreds of trained and equipped adults investing their time mentoring relationships with students. We see gathering places/worship spaces designed to help children and students connect with God, with age-appropriate activities to promote relational engagement. 

We see a growing team of staff and interns working together to equip volunteers for effective mentoring of our children and students. We see a cohesive spiritual development roadmap from birth through college - including age-appropriate curriculum, rights of passage, intentional transitions and integration into adulthood in the church. We want to see our students worship with their families and serve during our weekend services to ensure that intergenerational relationships are formed and students feel they are needed and valued by YC.

We know this will take strong teamwork between staff and parents and will require patience. The success of our Next Generation Ministry will be largely connected to our parents. We believe parents are the most important influence in students’ lives. We want to partner with and equip parents to be the primary spiritual caregivers of their student(s). Parents are always welcome to attend any of our programs.