Affinity groups

What are your common interests - Affinity?

Affinity Groups bring youth and adults together through shared passions.

It is through these areas of interest that strong bonds are formed and mentoring relationships can blossom.

Below are just some examples of our summer Affinity Groups.

Stay tuned to find out our 2017 start dates. 

the fine art of baking

This class will teach any aspiring young chef how to make your own pie crust, fresh bread and other baked goods. 

Culinary Curiosity

This class will teach you how to properly use cooking utensils while appreciating the wonderful world of planning and preparing a meal.  

Model Rocketry

This class allows youths to explore their creative side by painting and designing their rockets however they please.  Imagination can soar as high as their rockets can fly.  The joy that comes from watching something they created fly like a real spaceship is priceless.

Hiking affinity experience

Go hiking in Yosemite National Park with Pastor Jeff!  Learn basic hiking skills, safety & awareness, and the use of proper equipment.  You will also learn and build life skills you will be able to implement throughout your life.

This summer adventure includes an overnight hiking experience in June and  a one-day hike later in the summer.

Creative Discovery

An art course focusing on the Zentangle method.  Through this method, participants will learn to create beautiful images using structured patterns.  In addition to creating art, participants will learn the benefits of the Zentangle method, including focus, creativity, relaxation, and how to use it to connect to God.

Hallelujah for horses

Horsemanship class that will teach young people how to safely approach, care for and groom a horse.  You will learn how to handle a horse, lead it and even teach it a few tricks.  Of course, you will have some riding experience after you have a groomed, cleaned the feet and learned to stop and start the horse.  Different breeds will be represented and you will learn about bits, reins, saddles along with riding and driving disciplines.  The class is held at the Red Top Ranch near Chowchilla, and car pooling is available to the ranch.  The last day will be riding, a BBQ and decorating horse shoes.  Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend.

SideKicks TaeKwonDo

Learn team-building skills and practical self-defense through different kicking techniques and plyo-metrics.  Learn to respect yourself,  use TaeKwonDo as a form of self-defense as well as learn how to end bullying and take a stand for others.